How to Pack a Nutritious School Lunch For Your Kids in Just Minutes…

photo of healthy lunch box foodYes, it can be done!

With a little guidance and this clever system (described in my book) in place you can definitely pack a nutritious lunch for your kids and spend less than 10 minutes doing it. And it won’t have come from a packet! By planning and preparing in advance you will save time and stress on busy  mornings.

And can it be done 5 days a week?

Yes, it most certainly can!

With the resources you’ll find on this site you’ll always have a reference of  fresh ideas and inspiration to encourage your kids into eating well at school.

And there are so many great reasons for doing it!

Apart from the health and well-being of your kids, of course.

photo of Sushi Rice Slice.You could save yourself some money and if you involve your kids, they’ll learn new confidence-building skills and develop healthy eating habits in the process.

I firmly believe that teaching kids how to eat healthily is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your children.

These clever recipes and ideas can transform the process of preparing school lunches and free you from the drudgery whilst still getting the job done.

The foods and recipes I recommend have been tried and tested, so I know that kids enjoy them, and there’s plenty of choice to help you deal with issues such as fussy eating, plus tips and ideas to help you save time and money in the of blueberry egg pudding.

One of mypizza menu lunchbox photo. passions is feeding kids, not just for health, but for optimal health, to support their learning and enhance cognitive function. You’ll find ideas and recipes in my eBook as well as on my blog to help you do just that.


photo of lunchbox food.Saving time is so important in our fast-paced lives, so my book includes lots of ideas on how to do just that. From combining the preparation of lunch boxes and dinner into one process, to establishing a supportive pantry so you spend less time grocery shopping leaving you more time for the important things in life.


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  1. Leisa
    December 4, 2011 | 8:08 am

    Such inspirational, creative and nutritious ideas for all the family to enjoy.

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