Hundreds of Sandwich Ideas!

sundried tomato-feta foccaccia photo.If you ever find yourself short of ideas for your kid’s lunch box then hang around, there are solutions.

In my eBook The Clever Packed Lunch there a comprehensive sandwich fillings table that literally offers hundreds of combinations so that you need never be lost for an idea on a busy school morning again!

salmon and sald wrap photo.turkey, apple and cranberry sauce muffin photo.

And you’ll find more ideas on my blog at sandwich ideas

Mexi-Corn Buns

This is the most delicious adaptation of a recipe from my book The Clever Packed Lunch. As with most of my recipes, these can be prepared beforehand, making those busy school mornings a breeze… I find that children generally love mexican food. The coloursĀ  are so attractive to them perhaps? So these are really worth…

How to Pack a Nutritious School Lunch For Your Kids in Just Minutes…

Yes, it can be done! With a little guidance and this clever system (described in my book) in place you can definitely pack a nutritious lunch for your kids and spend less than 10 minutes doing it. And it won’t have come from a packet! By planning and preparing in advance you will save time…

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